Adult Services

Take control of your life - it's yours to live!

Are you tired of hearing what you can't do due to your disability or mental health diagnosis?  Do you want a service that will focus on what you can do?  

Our Adult Services are designed for people aged 18-64 years who would like to explore their independence, learn new skills, and get support with the things they find challenging to complete on their own.  We offer a range of supports in your own home; shared living environments; the community; and in group settings.    

We take the time to get to know you; your hopes; and dreams so you can create the life you want.  We can support you to achieve this through:

Core Supports

  • Assistance with Personal Activities
  • Assistance to Participate in the Community
  • Household Tasks to support you and your family (including cleaning and gardening)
  • Support to attend appointments
  • Support to complete your meal planning and shopping
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Capacity Building Supports

  • Support to develop social skills individually and in group settings to make new friends
  • Support to participate in your community and activities you enjoy
  • Support to increase your independence in your daily routines
  • Transport Training (individually or in a group)
  • Support with developing skills to re-enter or begin working/studying
  • Support to improve your living arrangements/meet your tenancy obligations
  • Support to improve your cooking; cleaning and shopping skills
  • Support to manage your finances and pay bills

Mental Health Hospital Avoidance Packages

Would you like extra support to manage your mental health to avoid a hospital admission, or to be discharged from hospital early?  We offer a variety of packages to support you to stay in your own home - to find out more please download our flyer on Mental Health Hospital Avoidance Packages

Assistance with Self-Managing Your Plan

If your are considering self-managing your NDIS Plan, or a family member is doing this on your behalf,  we can assist you to learn the necessary skills through our specifically designed workshops.  Please click here for further information, or to book your place. 

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