Children's Services

Watching children grow, develop and participate in their community is an important right for all families.  We support your child's development through tailored support that not only addresses your child's individual needs, but that of your family.  

Our Children's Services for NDIS participants are specifically designed for young people aged 8-13 years.  We can provide the following services:

Core Supports

Capacity Building Supports

  • Support to develop social skills individually and in group settings
  • Support to participate in your community (including sports and activities)
  • Support to increase independence in daily routines
  • Transport Training to get to school/community activities
  • Support to transition to a new school

If you are considering self-managing your child's NDIS Plan we can also assist you to learn the necessary skills through our specifically designed workshops.  Please click here for further information, or to book your place. 

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